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Industrial Grille Doors

When it comes to the raw security of industries and warehouses. The first variant of garage doors that comes to mind is the Industrial Grille Garage Door. Famous for its see through diamond grilled strong netted structure, you can find them in a dozen thanks to the characteristic look.

Industrial Grille Doors are inwards folding most of the time, which means less space needed to completely extend and retract the door. These have army grade metal netting with diamond shaped see-through gaps big enough to pass keys through.
There are several shape variants available for grille doors including but not restricted to straight grille curtain style. The galvanized metal provides invincible strength and the characteristic spacing provides a viable see-through open appearance.

Our garage doors are made to give a tight installation fit. We never compromise in quality and our aim is to provide the best garage door in San Rafael.


Reasonable delivery costs!

Better Environment

Durable, sturdy, and economical to install and maintain.

Proper Take Care

Superior construction & quality materials used to ensure a long life with limited maintenance.

Safe for All Children

Resistant to rust, corrosion, and water damage.

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