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High Speed Garage Doors

High-speed roll-up doors are very helpful when countering fast traffic flow. These garage doors have motors with an increased capacity which allow the functioning of the door.

  • It is not a D.I.Y repair, never trust the internet for that.
  • Do not try to force the compromised garage door to fully open or close.
  • The repair or substitution can and should only be carried out by Our professionals.

Commercially utilized, the high-speed roll-up garage doors are used to counter increased traffic flow, environmentally controlled vicinity, or areas with security problems. The high-speed functioning of this garage door type is what helps it stand out in the community of garages. Can be used in parking areas, interior and exterior openings, and cold storage. It enhances security and customer perception while reducing energy costs.

The Benefits Of High-speed Garage Doors In Hayward

The primary purpose of a high-speed garage door is to open and close quickly. Commercial garage doors see a lot of use. It’s common for businesses to open and close garage doors dozens of times per day, and often more. In a single day, the time your employees spend waiting on doors to open or close adds up. Beyond eliminating downtime, high-speed doors offer other valuable benefits, such as:

  • Increased security: Reduce the risk of unauthorized access with rapid control over access points. For exterior security and controlling your building’s interior, high-speed doors offer unmatched speed and performance. Durable aluminum construction prevents anyone from breaking through once sealed. 
  • Better climate control: High-speed doors offer better climate control, protecting your employees and your products. Faster door operation, tight weather seals and superior durability limit air transference, making these doors perfect for exterior or freezer applications. 
  • Improved facility safety: Rapid access control helps limit incidents for employees and visitors. Easily compartmentalize your facility without sacrificing efficiency. Protect from extreme temperatures, fumes and other hazards by installing high-performance overhead garage doors. 
  • Reduced overhead costs: Picture saving 10 seconds each time your employees open or close a garage door. With high-speed garage doors, you’ll see a virtually instant return on your investment in better productivity, reduced HVAC costs and more. High-performance garage doors are a commercial upgrade you can take to the bank. 

What To Avoid?

  • 1
    Never attempt to operate the door after you confirm the High speed garage door has been compromised.
  • 2
    Without the proper functioning of garage door do forcefully make it function as you will damage the door and yourself too.
  • 3
    Attempting to manually lift or slide the door will likely cause personal harm or injuries.
  • 4
    Never try to fix the garage door or substitute the compromised or broken component by yourself because it is not a D.I.Y project.
  • 5
    Do not keep trying to function the compromised garage door or the costly high-speed motor will likely burn out. The motor of this type is even costly to repair.

Benefits of utilizing Precise Garage Door’s workforce:

The workforce provided to our clients consists of confident and experienced individuals who have been in the market, sweating and working tirelessly to provide you with the security component and its flawless working

Garage Door Service provided to you by Precise™ will be following all the current SOPs for safeguarding themselves and you & your family too. It is a strict law and order put forward by us and we ensure compliance of our workmen.

The garage door repair and maintenance service is provided to you by Precise Garage Door throughout the week, round-the-clock emergency service so that you don’t have to stay up all night and safeguard your property until it’s is repaired.


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